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Event History
  • Company Health Welfare & Tax Preferential Policies Sign-up Date:2016-01-10 To 2016-01-20
    Event Date:2016-01-20 To 2016-01-20 | Event Location:Mandarin Oriental Hotel, No.389 Tian He Rd. Tian He District
    企业健康福利与健康险税优政策解读分享会 卫生部曾对十个城市的上班族健康状况进行调查,结果显示处于亚健康状态的员工已占48%。在日益激烈的市场竞争中,员工承受的压力增加,由员工健康问题引发的企业健康风险增加和成本上涨问题如不能得到提前预...
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  • HASA HR SSC Survey Sign-up Date:2015-11-01 To 2016-03-01
    Event Date:2015-11-01 To 2016-03-01 | Event Location:On-line Survey
    中国人力资源同业公会-企业人力资源服务实施及交付现状调研 中国人力资源同业公会是依法成立的由HR甲方人士为主体的、中立的非营利性学术机构。您在本次调研中所填写的信息将得到严格保密,并仅用于本会与您的联络。我...
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  • HR Driven by Internet+ & Data Sign-up Date:2015-08-21 To 2015-09-08
    Event Date:2015-09-08 To 2015-09-23 | Event Location:Beijing|Shanghai|Guangzhou|Shenzhen
    If we select the hot words of the year, "Internet" must be one of the most popular out of them. Internet+ connects various industries to an internet world. Nevertheless companies in such an environment have to experience...
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  • Shareholders, Equity & Incentives Sign-up Date:2015-08-01 To 2015-08-21
    Event Date:2015-08-21 To 2015-08-21 | Event Location:中国上海市黄浦区太原路165号
    股东、股权与激励三步曲 李克强总理在2015年《政府工作报告》中,38次提到“创新”,13次提到“创业”,尤其2次专门提到“大众创业,万众创新”。两会刚刚结束后的3月20号,他在工商总局考察时表示,要让那些新注册的企业活下来,活得好。 但是大家...
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  • Breakout for Managing Blue Collars Sign-up Date:2015-07-20 To 2015-07-25
    Event Date:2015-07-24 To 2015-07-24 | Event Location:上海市太原路165号招聘兄弟会咖啡馆
    蓝领工人的管理突围中国经济新常态化、制造业的转型升级、制造成本的不断攀升、个体意识的强化、法律法规对企业社会责任的新要求、90后新一代工人的新诉求等等,当所有这些问题放在一起时...... 面对所有挑战,蓝领工人管理的核心七寸在哪里?哪个地...
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  • HASA OD Annual Conference Sign-up Date:2015-04-10 To 2015-05-10
    Event Date:2015-05-15 To 2015-05-15 | Event Location:中国上海市长宁区金钟路999号虹桥国际会议中心
    中人会组织发展年会-相约春天:和销售在一起吧...When HR Meets Business...长期以来,人力资源部与业务部门一直不远不近地保持着某种暧昧的关系。管理层说,HR要懂业务,只有懂业务才能有效配合业务部门工作。没错!但是,如果HR全懂业务了,还要业...
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  • Managing Innovative Talents & Innovative Talent Management Sign-up Date:2014-09-30 To 2014-10-22
    Event Date:2014-10-25 To 2014-10-25 | Event Location:No.1 Museum, # 1 Jianguo Rd. (M) Shanghai 上海建国中路1号
    创新人才管理及人才管理创新主题研讨会暨艺术品赏鉴酒会In echo to and in order to intensively comprehend President Xi’s speech of “Expediting implementation of innovation-driven strategy, and accelerating the transformatio...
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  • DDI Strategic Leadership Experience** Sign-up Date:2014-07-05 To 2014-07-20
    Event Date:2014-07-22 To 2014-07-25 | Event Location:Harbour Plaza Hotel North Point, 665 King's Road, North Point
    DDI 战略性领导体验营This event is organized by DDI and IHRCI and has accredited by HR Certification Institute for 28 recertification credits.本活动由DDI与IHRCI合力举办,并通过美国人力资源证照协会(HR Certification Institute)所认证的...
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  • The Innovative HR Technology Expo 2014** Sign-up Date:2014-04-01 To 2014-04-23
    Event Date:2014-04-25 To 2014-04-25 | Event Location:Shanghai Crowne Plaza
    The Innovative HR Technology Expo 2014New role, innovative system and reformatory are gaining steam in the workplace. After realizing technology as a first momentum revolutionizing organization and optimizing human resources, many...
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  • HASA to Convene Research of Workplace Integrity** Sign-up Date:2013-04-11 To 2013-07-31
    Event Date:2013-04-11 To 2013-07-31 | Event Location:On-line survey 在线调研
    中国人力资源同业公会开展组织环境与员工忠诚度研究Integrity has direct implication for practical HR management and for brand enhancement. In other words, the basic honesty, fairness and professionalism demonstrated in how the employ...
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