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HASA Newsletter 201501

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HASA releases its bilingual journal and newsletters in both Chinese & English versions. The publications combine the latest HR practices, theories and case studies from Chinese and global marketplaces, and circulate HR experiences, mindsets and insights of Chinese HR management to the world, as well as import the latest tendency of global HR management for Chinese HR professionals.
HASA advocates spirit of knowledge-sharing. We trust our members' professionalism and expertise and expect them be both the beneficiaries and contributors in HR community. As a member of HASA, you are supposed to act the roles of the reader and the author of our publication. Since 2012, HASA selected seasoned HR professionals from our Committee of Expertise to constitute the editorial panel, which is responsible for reviewing of articles contributed to assure the quality of our publication.
HASA also has been in official cooperation with significant time-renowned academic journals since its founding. We frequently synchronize outstanding articles from our members to publish on world-class journals.

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