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HASA Newsletter 201501

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 About Us -- Cooperate & Donate  

Being China's largest HR academic and professional body, HASA was incorporated by law as a non-profit organization. Today, HASA initiates diversities of events and activities every year to activate and enhence the communication and sharing amongst the HR circle. We wish to work with experienced partners to launch and host these professional activities and spread knowledge and practice benchmarks.

HASA wishes to collaborate with counterparters in human reources industry to work on programs with mutual interests and benefits. Now HASA has the following initiatives and expects cooperation to work on those programs.
Event Partners: HASA wishes counterparts of the HR industry to co-work with us on event matters as Event Partners . HASA offers promotional opportunities for event partners to advertise at HASA events. According to different events, we set various kinds of cooperation plans for our partners. In addition to that, HASA also provides the following categories of sponsorship for professional activities:
Event Accreditation: HASA supports counterparters to build up and solidate their capabilities. Each year, we accredit events, workshops, seminars and other kinds of activities. We offer accredited events with financial and/or expertise sponsorship. HASA helps event producers and training firms to design the contents of the events and/or training sessions. Based on the strong professionalism and academic profile we have, HASA also selects the most appropriate speakers and assure that the delivery of the contents matches the trends of HR industry. Meanwhile, HASA adopts those accredited activities as continuous educational programs of HASA certifications series to guarantee the events held widely acknowledged by the industries and receive expected influences. The accredited activity is entitled to using HASA marks for accreditation and will be aknowledged as a course of continuous educational programs of HASA certifications. HASA certification holders are required to attend to renew the validity of their certifications;
Sponsorship: HASA gives additional financial support to the accredited events. The sponsorship will paid after evaluated by HASA Committee of Expertise based on the curriculum and agenda;
For application for event accreditation, please do send us detailed agenda of the activity, including theme, date, moderator and speakers, industries and levels of the targeted audience, and admission fee (or free) and etc.
Alliance: HASA Alliance is a kind of HASA corporate membership, which contains all benefits of a corporate member and additionally is authorized by HASA to be a franchisee to jointly deliver HASA products and/or services. Click here to know more about how you join HASA as an Alliance Member ..
Publication: HASA started its pilot on-line newsletter since year 2009. After several years' research and feedbacks from HR communities, we now plan to formally launch HASA on-line journal named "Human Resources Insight" with brand-new columns and designs for contents. The new journal will be a quarterly and be published on both HASA website and other social media. We look forward partners to work together on the Publication ..
Article Contribution: We appreciate organizations or individuals to contribute articles for HASA publication. The original authorship is mostly prioritized. Please DO cite the source and URL of the article if it comes from other resources;
Advertisement: HASA provides advertisements and promotions at publication covers and article pages.

As a non-profit association, HASA is eligible to receive donation by law. HASA has set reasonable governance mechanism and stipulated complete policies to regulate the operations and compliance. Each year, we hire independent third party to audit the financial status for HASA and the report will be submitted to the government and open to HASA members for review.
HASA appreciates and advocates invididuals and companies who acknowledge HASA missions to support the development of this organizaiton. We appreciate donations from organizations and persons who care for the development of Chinese HR and talent growth, and the donations will be used for campus scholarship, financial assistance for vocational education programs and other initiatives aiming at upgrading workforce's learning & development.

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