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 Group Member -- Corporate HR Assessment (CA Certifying)  

For a long time, HR managers have been complaining about the deficient assessment criteria and benchmarks for the performance of HR management. HR professionals demand the methodology to evaluate and reflect the effectiveness of HR management in business operations. Through collaboration with HR experts and intensive researches into relevant topics, HASA creates assessment standards particularly for Chinese markets to provide HR professionals references to evaluate organizational HR development.

Featured Services
Benchmark Analysis
HR ROI Analysis
Improve Org. Efficiency
Skill and Knowledge
HR Compliance
Advancement of EVP
Positioning market benchmarks and analyze data;
Positioning the HR competence levels in market
Analyze HR investment and returns;
Optimize structures and models for human capitals
Diagnose the  HR issues through communication and researches throughout employees
Improve workflows between HR and business functions
Improve Org. Efficiency through re-design and restructuring workflows;
Promote business restructure and transformation
Mentor HR team to execute the plans for improvement;
Get HR practitioners familiar with excellent HR management models
Diagnose the compliance of HR systems and policies, and propose improvement plans;
Assure compliance requirements of HR systems
Represents regulated HR management of an organization which is definitely attraction for employees and candidates;
We help certified companies to promote their employer branding through various pipelines

Learning Program
The Learning Program is a member benefit that provides entitled HASA members selected training courses from HASA Accredited Vendors which have been accredited by HASA.
For CA member, we provide 35.5 learning points per annum to attend HASA learning program without extra charge.

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