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HASA Newsletter 201501

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HASA to Convene Research of Workplace Integrity**
Date:2013-04-11 To2013-07-31 Attendees:1/50| Register now


Integrity has direct implication for practical HR management and for brand enhancement. In other words, the basic honesty, fairness and professionalism demonstrated in how the employees approach their work activities with staff and colleagues or clients the organization serves each day will significantly influence the business growth and even determine the fortune of an organization.

Integrity is often mentioned in policy statements and documents, embodied and enacted through recruitment policy, communication of core values and basic principles, workplace rules or codes of best practice, reinforced and disseminated through staff training and managers who "walk the talk".

HASA believes that to measure environments of integrity is of great value for its members and such researchs will offer precious intelligence and practice sharing for HR counterparts.

HASA will cooperate with Dr. Tom Cockburn from Henley Business School of Reading University, and Mr. Edgar Wilson, from Waikato Institute of Technology to prepare a questionnaire with 24 questions under 12 themes. We will attempt to arrange an on-line interview at which researchers metioned below will be present.
为此,公会将协同英国雷丁大学亨利商学院Tom Cockburn博士及新西兰怀卡托技术学院的Edgar Wilson一起开展本次研究。

All HASA respondents will be able to see or hear transcripts of their discussion if they wish. For this research we estimate that about three-quarters of an hour to 1 hour of time is the maximum period and times and dates to be determined in consultation with the interviewee(s).
The participants are supposed to provide data from interview discussions and reflections on core values, business systems or practices that illustrate integrity in the organization. Also, we expect the participants to provide illustrations of what aspects of ethical best practice are evaluated within the organization and how principles and implementation guidelines ensure integrity.

The data is to be used with other materials from the wider research literature to draft journal articles to be published later this year in Europe and subsequently in the USA, then globally. We also expect to publish and disseminate for discussion some of our findings in other channels such as professional body meetings or academic conferences or professional practitioner journals.

We believe HASA members and their employers are good resources to go seeking evidence of integrity and ethical practices contributing to the development of good client, stakeholder and employee relationships and loyalty.

Although we intend to give an acknowledgement and thanks to participating staff as part of any published materials, no individual member will be identified in any report and all references to materials garnered in discussions will be anonymous, quotations paraphrased or aggregated with no identifying details. Similarly, no participant details will be divulged and any references to employers per se will be generic categories of participants and will not refer to any named individual.
Individuals or employers interested in this research please register here. We will shortly contact you for further communication.

Registration Date:2013-04-11 To 2013-07-31
Event Location: On-line survey 在线调研

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