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 Group Member -- HR Advisory Service & Talent Base  

HASA acts as a think tank for investors and business operations. We offer our corporate members advisory services and talent solutions for their Chinese market-entry strategies and help Chinese entrepreneurs to explore global markets from perspective of HR management.
HASA possesses China's largest high-calibred HR talent base. By Feb. of 2016, we have a membership size of 16,000+ individual HR professionals, 48% of which sit at C-suite or D-level senior managers,26% of which are manager-levels. 90% of our members work for big multinationals and the rest of them work for Chinese big brands. With that, HASA builds up extensive pipeline for organizations to source for strategic consultation from high-class professionals for both short and long-term HR issues.
Furthermore, accumulated through our unique international occupational credential programs, HASA has established an even huger talent database of 2 million talents of diversified industrial sectors. Since the very initial stage of inauguration, we have founded and been maintaining favorable relationships with Chinese chambers of commerce and other investment organizations. HASA has been allied with Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Overseas Direct Investment, and Shanghai American Center, Shanghai American Chamber and Sino-European Chamber.
To be a group member of HASA allows the company to have a short-cut to enormous talent resources. To click the the icon below leads group members to the assignment page where they can make an assignment or a formal job for which you would request consultation or a candidate application from an experienced professional or you may directly search for an professional from our database, provided that person opens his/her profile for searching. Group member may also request HASA to recommend professional specialized in particular sectors to answer their queries.
The credit mechanism HASA creates assures the authenticity of our members' working records. Our privacy policy and technology protect the confidentiality of both sides.

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Global Occupational

Cloud Computing
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Verified CV by employer to assure the authenticity and uniqueness of talent profiles.
Diversified full industrial sectors and full spectrum of job functions
HASA Global Occupational Credentials guarantee the professionalism & expertise of talents
2 Million profiles allows analysis of personal profiles, connections and other data to make easy mapping of talents with assignments possible
Self-defined searching enginee allows employer to search for and access inactive talents and promot positions
Position direct push to talents and auto alert activited to remind talents

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