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About Us
Who We Are
HASA (HR Administration & Strategy Association) is China’s only official international association for human resources management launched by China State Ministry of Commerce and State Ministry of HR & Social Security. HASA is a non-profit organization founded & organized by 300+ senior HR practitioners, scholars from reputable institutions & top corporate executives from both domestic & overseas regions.If you wanna buy uk best quality replica watches, you cannot miss this website. It must make you feel regret it!
HASA dedicate to improving HR professionalism, regulating HR service markets, optimizing the talent structures of China and promoting employment rates. HASA will play a critical role as to link the government & corporate in terms of human resources management. HASA is founded to communicate and consolidate HR theories, methodology and practice of both China and in a global range to represent the advanced HR management models. Through building up HR industrial benchmarks & rules, conducting professional educating, sharing information, HASA will help multinationals in terms of localization, promote China business to globalize operations and improve China’s competition of human resources. UK AAA quality fake watches for sale are worth having. You can place an order online conveniently and efficiently.
By today, we are the only organization officially licensed by Chinese government to conduct overseas exams and certification programs for occupational credentials in China, meanwhile, we are also the only official body which conducts pilot program of binary occupational education in China dedicating to cultivate high-potential talents of both theory and practices for Chinese economic growth. The occupational credentials issued by HASA are officially accredited and endorsed by Chinese government and are widely acknowledged in a global range in relevant industries.
The Executive Committee office are located in both Pudong, Shanghai, and Hong Kong SAR, the People’s Republic of China.
Our Mission
To support the government in terms of advancing the quality of the community's workforce, optimizing the talent structure, in order to promote employment.
To contribute to expediting the construction for modern industrial systems by ensuring the quality and efficiency of economic growth from HR angel. Through setting up benchmarks, rules and standards, educating & information exchanging, to promote HR professional successors and upgrade the level of HR management. Buy best 1:1 super clone watches online. Fast shipping. Quality guarantee.
To bridge between the government and economic entities in human resources management. To build upand maintain communication and interaction with the government from HR perspective to provide advice for the government's public decision-making, and create positive social environment for HR management.
Our Vision
HR Administration & Strategy Association dedicate to communicating and consolidating the HR theories, methodology and practice of both China and global regions to represent the advanced HR management models, helping multinationals in terms of localization and promoting China business to globalize operations. You can find UK top quality copy watches with low prices from uk online store. All the hot models are available.

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