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 Group Member -- HR Vendor Accreditation (VA Certifying)  

As the inseparable and significant composition of HR industry, HR vendor acts as the key factor that influences healthy and positive HR management in organizations. Though MSP (Managed Services Provider) has been the mainstream of servicing model in HR transactions, it simplifies administration processes, downsizing management cost and improvies efficiencies, while it also requires in-house HR practitioners intensive know-how when selecting suppliers.
How to identify and select the most appropriate vendors to assure quality and delivery demands holistic evaluation on vendors, however, that is almost mission impossible for most in-house HR when there's lack of industrial data and benchmarks for references.
In addition, an in-house HR department comprises various functionalities, and has to procure services from diversified external vendors to support operations. Therefore, HR normally hires several different suppliers depending on the specific needs, nevertheless the manifold delivery procedures and supporting systems of vendors cause more confusions to HR in perspective of administration and statistics.
Therefore, we dedicated to work on industrial codes universally defined and recognized by both in-house HR and suppliers will be fundamental to guarantee delivery quality, and upgrade professionalism, endorsement of credibility, and branding reputations of vendors.
We also plug professional clouding IT systems into HASA CRC (Credited Resources Cloud) to have HR practitioners manage a variety of projects, as well as providing on-line solutions to vendors with no IT support and help them more concentrate on business.

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