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 About Us -- Social Responsibility and Sponsorship  

HASA cares for the growth and career development of new generations.Thus we endeavor to support the development of organizations which share same value as ours and dedicate to the growth of HR profession and capabilities of Chinese human resources. HASA expects to contribute to public welfares through application of human resources theories and methodologies, and launches various kinds of CSR plans to sponsor the growth of HR communities and reward to university/college undergraduates for their professional training plans and job searching.

HASA wishes to support HR communities and other types of HR activities to upgrade the expertise. Each year, HASA moderates several events and invite other HR clubs and/or associations to participate. HASA launches HASA Alliance program to offer more benefits to the Alliance member.
HASA also evaluates the agenda and contents of the activities hosted by other HR communities. We provide professional advices to such activities from perspectives of forms to topics. HASA helps to select and invite the most appropriate speakers to prepare and share knowledge and know-how with the event attendees in alignment with the trends of human resources management of the world.
HASA will sponsor the activities and events from both financial and professional perspectives,after we evaluate the application with details of the agenda. The contents will be assessed by HASA committee of expertise in compliance with related procedures and policies of HASA.
Event Accreditation: HASA supports counterparters to build up and solidate their capabilities. Each year, we accredit events, workshops, seminars and other kinds of activities. We offer accredited events with financial and/or expertise sponsorship. HASA helps event producers and training firms to design the contents of the events and/or training sessions. Based on the strong professionalism and academic profile we have, HASA also selects the most appropriate speakers and assure that the delivery of the contents matches the trends of HR industry. Meanwhile, HASA adopts those accredited activities as continuous educational programs of HASA certifications series to guarantee the events held widely acknowledged by the industries and receive expected influences. The accredited activity is entitled to using HASA marks for accreditation and will be aknowledged as a course of continuous educational programs of HASA certifications. HASA certification holders are required to attend to renew the validity of their certifications;
Sponsorship: HASA gives additional financial support to the accredited events. The sponsorship will paid after evaluated by HASA Committee of Expertise based on the curriculum and agenda;
For application for event accreditation and sponsorship, please do send us detailed agenda of the activity, including theme, date, moderator and speakers, industries and levels of the targeted audience, and admission fee (or free) and etc.

HASA Scholarship
HASA aims at assisting young professionals to successfully start their career path. As an academic body, HASA has accumulated years of experiences and strong team of seasoned professionals to create curriculum for occupational skills learning programs.
Since 2009, HASA has commenced its occupational education programs under the instruction of Shanghai municipal government. By today, HASA has introduced several world-class occupational credentialing programs from abroad, which provides students more alternatives to proceed continuous learning and meet the requirements of the real jobs of employers.
Now HASA provides undergraduates scholarship schemes to sponsor their exploration in professional knowledge and skill set. Each year, HASA evaluates and selects outstanding candidates from undergraduates and offer scholarship and awards for their training of HASA programs. HASA also provides training foundation for the employers who hired the trainees entiled to HASA scholarship. The employer may consume the training foundation when its employees register for HASA programs.
For HASA Scholarship schemes and related HASA credentialing programs , please click this URL to learn more.

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