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PSC-HSTM Sales Certification Instructions    


Certification Renewal
HASA and SPI believe that, today's marketplace evolves faster with complex commercial environment and transformations. While situations in China, an emgerging market, is a even typical case with more uncertainty, where the population are growing accompanied with varieties of demands. Professional sales persons should capture the evolution of customers' needs and trends with outstanding adaptability to every change of the market. Sales professionals must understand the economic updates and the latest updates of business advancement from commercial perspective. Therefore, to keep learning and continuous education are necessary pathway for professionals to maintain the expertise. The PSC-HSTM certifications require the certification holder to continuously acquire sales knowledges to and experiences within every 3 years to prove his/her versatility in the sales profession since he/she gets certified to renew the validity of the certification. The minimal credits to renew the certification is 60 creidts/3 Years. Please refer the the following instructions to know how you get those credits.
Renewal Items
    Items Unit= Credits Max./3Y Now Renew Through an Option
Sales-related continuing education programs accredited by HASA
1 Hr 1 60
Instruction/teaching of the certifications: To take the role as a tutor for the certifications
1 Hr 1 20
Projects: Experiences in Sales-related assignments
1 Hr 1 60  
On-the-job experience: Sales job experiences verified by the employer
1 Hr 1 20
Research and publishing: Article published in an acknowledged journal
1 Article 20 20
Leadership: To take a leadership role in an sales industry community officially sanctioned by government
5 Hrs/Y 5/Y 10
Professional membership in a national or international sales business association
1 Hr 1 6
Take the exam again
Should the above re-certification procedures incur any cost, the certification holder shall bear
Renewal Procedures
Log on HASA website, and choose “Profile->Membership" at the left menu
Follow the instructions on the page and complete the information and payment accordingly
Select the certification you want to renew, then click "Renew"
Your certification will be renewed for another 3-year period after HASA Secretariat approves
Renewal Fee
The re-certification fee for HASA certified member is CNY 700 every 3 years

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