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PSC-HSTM Sales Certification Instructions    


Procedures for Certification
HASA strictly controlls the quality of the certified professionals. We only accept members who meet our requirements of high standards. To apply for certified membership of HASA, you need submit the applications to us and our Committee of Expertise will review in compliance with HASA rules and regulations. You are eligible for certification exam only after you have accomplished requested training & Add-in Exams/Assessment.
Training & Add-in Exams/Assessment
  To assure that the applicant is eligible for the certifications, to acquire valid training hours and add-in exams/assessment are prerequisite for this certification. Valid training hours and add-in exams/assessment are provided only through training firms officially authorized by HASA. Any training without authorization from HASA will not be acknowledged. The applicant should register at HASA website and fill in information and personal data as required by HASA. HASA will review your profile and notify you of payment procedures for the certifcation exams and membership
You need register at HASA website and complete all information required
Select one of the training firms where you wish to participate the trainings, and provide your HASA ID
Complete all required training modules and hours
After you complete trainings, you must pass the add-in exams or assessment. The add-in exams or assessment will be assigned and conducted by HASA. You will be notified of the schedule by the training institution by which you are enrolled.
  Applicants who apply for such certifications should attend and pass the examination arranged, please see the Exam Instructions for more details
Complete the above application procedures
Please select "Profile->Membership" at the left menu
Select "Membership->Certified Member "
Select your "Industry" and "Occupation"
Select "Cert. Type->MSM-HS1/PSM-HS2/MS-HS3/PS-HS4/AS-HS5"
Pay the registration fee for the exam you intend to take. Please refer to Exam Instructions for exam fees
HASA will inform you the schedule to attend exams
Your scores will be sent to you within 1 month after the test by email
Certification Confer
  HASA will confer you with the certified membership subject to the following conditions
You need finish all required information for membership as stipulated on HASA website. You may fail to be certified if you do NOT complete the information
You must acquire training hours and pass the add-in exams/assessment acknowledged by HASA
You must pass the certification exam
Your certification will be sent to you via email carrying a unique certification code, and certification in paper form will also be issued to you by your mailing address you register at our website
You are required to renew the certification according to the renew process. Please visit How You Renew Your Certification

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