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HASA Newsletter 201501

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CHR-HHTM Cross-boarder HR Management Certification Instructions    


General Introduction
HR ADMINISTRATION & STRATEGY ASSOCIATION (HASA) is a non-profit professional HR association registered in China and acknowledged by Chinese government. HASA was founded by 300+ senior HR professionals above country level HR director from multinationals, entrepreneurs, and prestigious scholars. HASA dedicates to collaborating and sharing the most concentrated topics, best practice and industrial intelligence of HR management, and through high-end meetings and researches, revealing the latest trends of Greater China region. Base on extensive resources from government, entrepreneurs and media, we actively connect governmental organs, enterprises, and industrial associations to integrate and select the top resources for HR management and serve business operations.
Since Nov. 2014, HASA determines to launch the Cross-boarder Human Resources Management Certification (CHR-HHTM), which has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as the National Occupational Credentials and listed by the U.S. immigration bureau as one of the mandatory conditions to apply for permanent resident permit(Green Card) and U.S. citizenship.The certifications are also acknowledged by Canada and over 60 countries in North America and world wide. The certifications are the the essential prerequisite for HR professionals to work outside China. HR CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE (HRCI), as a member of HASA Committee of Expertise, participates in the drafting of the exams.
HR CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE (HRCI ) is the independent body specialized in credentialing in HR industry, endorsed by the U.S. federal government. HRCI is the owner and credentialing organization for GPHR, SPHR, PHR, HRMP and HRBP credential series. Founded in 1973, HRCI has 40 years experiences in exams and certifications in HR industry. HRCI and SHM (Society for Human Resource Management) are both affiliated to SHRM Foundation. With over 140 thousand certification holders globally and 98%+ HR practitioners certified by HRCI in the U.S., HRCI certifications are one of the world's most authorative credentials in HR profession.
HASA acknowledges the certification holder who holds an HRCI valid certification by Nov. 1, 2014 is automatically eligible for certified membership of HASA. Since Jan. 1st, 2015, all applicants for HRCI certifications from China should pass the certiying procedures of HASA and HR-HHTM exams. The successful applicant will hold both HASA certified membership and HRCI certification. Now, the HR-HHTM certifications will be conducted only in English (Multiple-Choice). HASA is now actively dedicating to localization of the certifications.

The Instructions Contain the Following Items
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Certification Process  
Focuses on the strategic and policy-making aspects of HR management, regardless of geographic region
Focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully operate in a global marketplace
Focuses on technical and operational aspects of HR practices, regardless of geographic region
Focuses on strategic HR managment with U.S. employment laws and legal practices
Focuses on operational HR administrative capabilities with U.S. employment laws and legal practices
Focuses on operational HR administrative capabilities

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