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HRCI (HR Certification Institute)and IHRCI Joined HASA as an Alliance Member
Date:2015-01-06Author:秘书处 SecretariatCategory:Global HR UpdatesSource:HASA Keyword:HRCI


HASA and HRCI signed agreement in Nov. 2014 and joined HASA as an Alliance Member. HASA acknowledges the HRCI certifications and admits the certificaition holders certified by HRCI before Dec. 31st, 2014 as members of HASA automatically, entitled to all benefits and interests of HASA.
HRCI is the owner and credentialing organization for GPHR, SPHR, PHR, HRMP and HRBP credential series. Founded in 1973, HRCI is an independent non-profit organization specialized in exams and certifications in HR industry. HRCI and SHM (Society for Human Resource Management) are both affiliated to SHRM Foundation.
Since the launch in year 1976, the HRCI certifications are accredited as the only credentials for HR profession by the American National Standards Institute.Over 98% of HR professionals in the U.S. hold the certification series certified by HRCI, which is also acknowledged by the U.S. immigration bureau as one of the mandatory conditions to apply for permanent resident permit(Green Card) and U.S. citizenship. With over 140 thousand certification holders worldwide, the certification series are also acknowledged by Canada and many other countries.
Since Jan. 1st, 2015, all applicants for HRCI certifications from China should pass the certiying procedures of HASA and hold HASA certified membership after the applicant

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